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Dozor Ukraine was founded in 2009 responding to a demand for developing software solutions in the field of transport monitoring, logistics, security and management. Our clients include over 800 companies, among which are the largest Ukrainian farming enterprises, transportation and leasing companies. Our company is a leader in the field of passenger and municipal transport monitoring. Today we provide our services in 19 cities of Ukraine.


We have by own means developed original DozoR© software and DozoR City© mobile applications. A team of competent and skilled programmers is engaged in everyday modifications and improvement of our products to meet the demands of clients.


We serve to enhance the transport infrastructure of the Ukrainian cities. We have developed “smart bus stops” and “smart transport arrival electronic time boards”, which we produce by ourselves.

Our company has implemented strict and consistent quality control system to be complied with at all levels of production. Competent staff, dedicated rooms and premises, up-to-date equipment and technical means are always available at any stage whether during design, development or manufacture of public transport stops and arrival time prediction boards.


We have the team of technical support technicians with vast experience in the field of the satellite monitoring systems and a bundle of knowledge about different systems and technologies. When requested so by a client, they perform additional remote tests and analyze equipment performance, as well as solve tasks of any complexity. Client support is available 24 hours a day.


High quality of services is ensured due to availability of the qualified installer team, many years of experience and a number of successfully implemented projects, as well as proper and consistent approaches to the installation of the equipment.

Consumer Marketing

A highly skilled team of regional development and sales managers creates both a comprehensive and innovative approach to implementation of the GPS monitoring system in the customer company. Each manager has perfect knowledge of the “product”, thus allowing us to know and understand the needs of each client, as well as save his time and money. Professional competence and experience of our managers provide for accurate identification of the customer needs, showing him new opportunities and implementation of the most optimal solutions in the field of GPS monitoring.

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