Emergency service

DozoR software is actively used by ambulance, police and emergency services. The main task is to shorten the response time and promptness of the arrival of the crew to the event location.

Special tasks that DozoR system of protection and monitoring allows you to solve:

  • Automatic detection of the nearest vehicle to the event location;
  • Distribution of free cars over the territory maintained;
  • Automatic calculation of the arrival time;
  • Sending information about the order (address, contact person, phone number, medical history, etc.) to the digital panel in the driver's cabin or on a tablet computer;
  • Ability to connect to the established system of medical institutions for the purpose of information exchange (availability of free beds, operating teams, medicines, special medical equipment);
  • Analysis of performance of service tasks for any period of time (daily / weekly / monthly);
  • Automatic creation of route tasks with a set of control zones for the brigade when assigned to a call;
  • Automatic control of tasks execution with delivery of information to the dispatcher;
  • Generation of statistical departure information database;
  • Accounting for working hours of drivers, doctors, police officers and firefighters at the departure;
  • Generation of the timesheet;
  • Alarming radio keychain for brigade personnel, working at a distance of up to 500 m from the car;
  • Control of the opening / closing of a compartment in a car for transportation of inmates.

General tasks that DozoR system of protection and monitoring allows you to solve:

  • Real time control of movement of transport;
  • Tracking transport history for the selected time period;
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption, registration of drains and refueling;
  • Monitoring of observance of high-speed modes, time of stops, parking;
  • Engine rotation control;
  • Mileage report;
  • Two-way communication with the driver;
  • Remote locking of the engine;
  • Connecting an "alarm button";
  • Monitoring of the operation of actuators and sensors;
  • Report of engine running time and fuel consumption, both idling and in motion;
  • Integration into 1C system.